October 9, 2021

Brolumbus Day

The International Day of Brotherhood
Celebrated the Friday Before Columbus Day

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2021 Line Up of International Events

Friday - October 8, 2021

United States - George Strait - Austin, Texas

United States - Jason Aldean - Kansas City

United States - Luke Bryan - Los Angeles

United Kingdom - Jason Manford - London

Japan - Hiroyuki Narita - Tokyo

Australia - The 10 Tenors - Wollongong / Sydney

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Our Brolumbus Day Sponsors

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What Is BroLumbus Day

Inspired by Galentines Day (the Day before Valentines Day where girlfriends celebrate their friendship), we decided to have a similar celebration - BroLumbus Day

   Started in 2019 by Dallas Disc Jockey, New Country 96.3 KSCS Mark 'Hawkeye' Louis, Brolumbus Day is celebrated the Friday before Columbus Day.

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Our Inspiration - Galentines Day

Brolumbus Day FAQ's

When is Brolumbus Day?   The Friday before Columbus Day

What year did BroLumbus Day start?    2019

Whose idea was BroLombus Day?   Dallas Disc Jockey Mark "Hawkeye" Louis

Is BroLumbus Day only for guys?   No.  Brolumbus Day is open to all people of the world regardless of gender, nationality or creed

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Backstage at BroLumbus Day 2019


Our 2020 Virtual Brolumbus Day Celebration

Tell Us About Your Brolumbus Day

Share with us you pictures and stories about your Brolumbus Day Celebration

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